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Video: How to install and configure your Pow-K+


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  • WiFi Antenna
    By: Haldi On 18-Dec-2023

    Having an external WiFi antenna connector would have been a great idea for devices that are in the cellar or outside in a metal case. Or not?

    Replied by: Egil Opsahl On 20-Dec-2023 An external antenna would indeed solve some tricky situations, but also adds some other potential issues.
    So we have decided to not make a separate version with external antenna.

  • POW-K+ issue
    By: Ken On 23-Jan-2023

    Hello Egil,
    My POW-K+ proceed to blink green/red/yellow long after installation. Does this mean that the HAN port is not activated? Please advise

    How do I find the device on my router? - I find a few devices starting with ESP as the first few characters.

    BR Ken

    Replied by: Egil Opsahl On 24-Jan-2023 Hi Ken,
    This sounds strange.
    Please contact us at to let us help you get it up and running!

  • After initial configuration and reboot device is totally gone
    By: Rasmus Holm On 23-Nov-2022


    Can't get it to work.
    Use all the same name and addresses as shown but the device remains gone. It blinks red - most likely because it's on my desk with USB supply.

    Please advise what to do


    Replied by: Egil Opsahl On 26-Nov-2022 Don't worry!
    Please contact us at - we'll guide you through it.