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One-click upgrade is not working

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We made firmware upgrade easy by implementing the one-click solution:

Whenever a new firmware release is available, an indicator is shown on the header bar of the main page:

Just click the red message, and the upgrade is done - quick an easy!

However, this sometimes fails. It is seldom, but it happens.The device is just stuck on this message, and does not finish the upgrade:

There could be several reasons why it fails, but could usually be attributed to delays in the internet connection - or to the main page not being refreshed correctly. 

Thy these steps if the device is stuck:

  1. Refresh the page by pressing F5, and check if the device was after all updated.
  2. If not, try again. The problem could have been slow access to the download server.
  3. If repeated attempts fail, proceed to a manual update via USB cable

Manual update via USB cable

  1. Go to the Github releases page.
  2. Download the *.bin file. You need to find the *.bin file that is built for the microcontroller used by your device. Using the wrong file will result in a non-working device! (It will be recoverable, but will give you a quite bit of extra work.)
    1. Most users shall use this file:  ams2mqtt-esp32s2-2.2.20.bin
    2. Old devices with ESP8266 shall use this file:  ams2mqtt-esp8266-2.2.20.bin
  3. Go to the Info-page and press this button:
  4. Select the downloaded file and wait for the upgrade to finish.


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  • Power supply during one-click upgrade
    By: Arild Johnsen On 23-Feb-2024

    Is power supply via the usb port required during one-click upgrade ?

    Replied by: Egil Opsahl On 24-Feb-2024 For Pow-U it is.
    If the one-click upgrade fails, please try again.
    If it still fails, download from uor Github the binary file that fits to your hardware and upload it manually to the reader.