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How can I read data from my Pow-K / Pow-U when I'm not at home?


So what do you do if you want to access the magnificent user panel we made when you're not at home?

The solution is not straight forward; you would need to look into "port forwarding" that you need to set up in your home router/firewall. Take care when doing this - as this in principle means making an opening in your home network security protection, and if done wrong could make it easier to penetrate your network from outside.

If you just want to access the data, the solution could be to connect to an external MQTT broker, and read the data from there.

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  • portforwarding
    By: Shaib On 21-Mar-2024

    I tried portforwarding from router, which port do I have to use for this?

  • Port forwarding - thoughts
    By: Andreas On 02-Oct-2022

    Sharing my thoughts and recommendations:

    In my router I added an entry under "NAT Virtual server", directing a certain port to the internal IP address of my POW. Accessing my external IP address from anywhere in the world, on that port, will now show the same Amsleser interface as seen in my own network.

    To reach the amsleser from the Internet, I use my external IP and add a colon and the port number, such as "" if was my external IP address and port 99 was used for forwarding calls to the POW.

    It's a good idea to protect at least the configuration with a user name and password. You can do that by selecting "Web" from the "Configuration" menu. Otherwise someone who happens to find your exposed POW (amsleser) page on the internet can read your wifi password from the HTML page, and also put a password protection on the POW without your knowledge. I guess you would have to reset the POW if that happens.
    For a person to get access to your Internet connection and intranet shares, using your wifi password as found in an unprotected POW config, he or she would have to be just outside your house (wifi range).

    Perhaps there are other risks, that I'm not aware of. Please make another comment if there is something missing in my explanation.