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L2 current not available!?

So what happened?

Some smart meters simply do not report current on the L2 phase. Up until firmware version 2.2.24 we calculated an estimate for that current, and presented that in the user interface.

However, we recently realized that in order to be relatively accurate, that estimate assumed that the load on the three phases was identical - or at least that the load was relatively evenly distributed over the phases. In real life in a household, that assumption is often very wrong. To some extent that will depend on how focused the installer was on distributing the load over the phases. And in some situation you will just have a big load on one phase (example: my sauna oven and my water heater seems to be on the same phase).

When digging into the subject, our conclusion was that we simply do not have enough information from the meter to calculate the third phase current from the two others + available voltages and power. So we decided to remove the estimate. The result is the illustration to this blog post: An indication in the user interface that the L2 current is "Not available".

As far as we know, this applies to the following smart meters:

  • Aidon
    All 3-phase models without "Neutral" wire, a so called IT installation.
  • Kaifa/Nuri
    All 3-phase models without "Neutral" wire, a so called IT installation.

As far as we know, all Kamstrup meters report current on L2 also in such installations.

Please notify us if you have information on other meters that do not report L2 current.

And in case anyone posses a "magic equation" to reliably calculate L2 current from available measurements, we are very interested in hearing from you!

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