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Correcting stored values by editing the configuration file

Corrupted data in the graphs can be very annoying, as they might not vanish until a full month has passed - so that the corrupted data points falls out of the month graph.

So how can we fix something like this?

The solution is to download and edit the configuration, then upload it back to the device.

  1. Download a *.cnf file
    Open the info-panel. Select only "Meter", and hit Download.

  2. Edit the file
    You will probably want to edit either the "dayplot" or "monthplot" lines.
    The data in each of those lines are separated by a "space", and consists of the following:
    • Line identifier ('dayplot' or 'monthplot'). Do not edit.
    • Version number of configuration setup. Do not edit.
    • Unix-format timestamp of latest storage of data. You will normally not want to edit this.
    • Scaling factor n for the graph. Scaling is 10^n. You might need to edit this to a smaller number.
    • Measurements in Wh. This is where you want to edit the corrupted value
      • 'dayplot' line has 24 values
      • 'monthplot' line has 31 values
  3. Upload back to device
    After saving the edited file on your computer, you load it back to your device by using the "Select file..." button.

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