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Emergency factory reset

This is now a very rare problem, but there have been cases where the Pow device became unresponsive - and a restart via Access Point just did not help.

What now!?

Since firmware version v2.0.1 there is an Emergency factory reset option that might resolve such situations.It will only work if the device still boots (signaled by light indications on the LED). The procedure is described in the Firmware user manual (available as Attachment on the product page on

Emergency reset is activated by using the AP button in the start of the boot process. Reboot is done by pressing the Reset button on Pow-U (and the coming Pow-P1). On Pow-K you pull the device from the meter, then press the (hidden) Reset button repeatedly until the device runs out of power (no more reboot light activity), then insert it back in the meter.

Then the important steps:

  • When the device boots, it starts with a short period of green steady light.
  • Press and hold AP button while LED is green, then release it when LED turns red.
  • Factory reset is confirmed by a short sequence of rapid red blinks.

If AP button is not released while LED is red there will be no factory reset, just a normal reset. Should you miss the first green light, just do a new reboot and try once more. (Yes, it is meant to be a bit tricky!)

The device will now restart in Access point mode, you can then proceed with configuration as explained in the Setup Chapter of the Firmware user manual.

After a factory reset all settings are lost, and also all historical consumption data stored in the device.

If you happen to press the RESET button while the device is in Access point mode during this procedure, the LED will no longer light up (because the pin assignment is lost). However, the Access point for connection will still be available. Once you have reconfigured the device, the LED will again work as it should.

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