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Telnet debug

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If you experience issues it can be useful to run a debug to see what is going on "under the hood".

So this is how you run a Telnet debug:

First, update the firmware to last version. It is recommended store the current configuration first (use System/Configuration file menu, or just make screenshots of the various pages).

Then run telnet debug as follows:

  1. Go to System/Debugging, turn on Telnet debugger, Debug level "Verbose" and press Save:
  2. Go to Configuration/Wifi and note which IP address your device is using.
  3. If needed: Enable Telnet on your PC by following this method:
  4. Open a "Command prompt" window on your computer
  5. Write Telnet <IP-address>
    Example: My Pow-K has IP-address

  6. You should now see the payloads in hex format as they arrive from the meter. If all is well it will be something like this, but it depends on the meter and the format coming from your meter.:
  7. If there are issues with interpreting the data, there should be understandable information here.
  8. When you are finished it is recommended to turn off Telnet debugging (System/Debugging)
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  • Telnet/Netcat on Mac OSX
    By: Nicolas Padfield On 17-May-2023

    If you are on Mac OSX, telnet is no longer installed by default but nc is and nc can be used

    Type at command prompt:

    nc -v mdnsnameOfAmsReader 23

    Replied by: Egil Opsahl On 13-Jun-2023 Thank you for that tip!