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Pow-U and power saving

We wanted to avoid the hassle of an external power supply, which is why the Pow-U is designed to run from the power that can be tapped from the HAN-signal line. To achieve this with an ESP32 microcontroller module,  special measures are taken both in hardware and firmware.

But the Wifi environment where the unit is connected sometimes creates additional challenges - which is why an adjustment of the firmware power saving mode is implemented in the firmware, starting from v2.1.12.

In menu Configuration -> Wifi you will find:

Recommended setting:

  • Pow-P1: Off
  • Pow-K+: Minimum
  • Pow-U: This is the tricky one!
    Try first with "Minimum". If the device looses voltage, provoking regular reboots: Change it to "Maximum".

The disadvantage with running on "Maximum" is that the user interface will tend to be a bit less responsive. Transmission to MQTT will probably not be impacted, only user interface responsiveness.

The Power saving function does not work on ESP8266, so will have no effect on old Pow-U units with ESP8266 micro controller.

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