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Issues with Pow-k+ 3D printed holder

Short version

If your 3D printed holder for Pow-K+ does not fit into your Kamstrup meter: Email us at, and we'll send you a new one.

What happened?

Sometimes things just go... wrong.

Some weeks ago we transferred the design of the Pow-K+ 3D printed holder from SketchUp to Fusion 360 - which is a far more performant tool.

Such a transfer is not straightforward, as the two design environments are quite different, there is no way to directly import a Sketchup model to Fusion 360. So the process is more or less a reconstruction via a STEP model. In the process I did some minor changes - which were meant to be only cosmetic. But... managed to introduce an error so that the holder no longer fit in the Kamstrup meter.

What was worse: We shipped several Pow-K boards with this holder before realizing the problem. And not knowing who received it - we now have to wait for customers to contact us and request a replacement.

If you have received a Pow-K holder looking like the one on the right here: Please contact us and request a replacement!

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