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Can Pow-U read from a P1-port?

Pow-U can only read smart meters with a 12/24V M-bus signal on pins 1 and 2 of an RJ45 connector. This is the standard implemented in Norway, sometimes called a

Several European countries have selected a newer standard, with a so called HAN/P1 port. This port uses an RJ12 connector. Pow-U cannot read this port.

In Sweden, both versions are used.

I am in Sweden. How dp I know which port I have on my meter?

If an ethernet cable (which has 8 contacts) fits in the connector on your port, you have a HAN/NVE port - and you can use Pow-U.

If not, you have a HAN/P1 port - and will have to wait for our Pow-P1 reader (coming during 2022!).

Here are the two connector types:

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