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Vattenfall - opening the HAN port

Update 24th March 2023: Vattenfall seems to have implemented "My page"/"Min side" where customers can order HAN port opening, and where you also can check whether the HAN port is open. This posting on the discussion forum of indicates that it could be useful to check status if an assumed open port is actually open.

Link to the activation page:

Anders informed us 26th Sep -22 that Swedish company Vattenfall has a long backlog (2 weeks?) of unanswered email. He had to phone them to get his HAN port activated.

So it is quicker to order activation by phone, but they unfortunately also have long a waiting time on the phone lines (apparently 30-60 minutes is not uncommon),

To help others with the same errand avoid peak hours, Anders recommends consulting this page:

On the bottom of the page you'll find the relevant phone numbers and a graph indicating the load on their phone system:

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