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I have a Kaifa/Nuri meter, and my new Pow-U does not work!?

The latest design update of the Pow-U (introduced Jan 2023) had two main updates:

  1. Adaptive M-bus voltage level conversion
    The HAN-NVE implementation of the M-bus standard used on smart meters in the Nordic countries uses voltage levels 24V /12V. Other European countries use 36V/24V. We updated the design so that the circuitry can handle both versions.
  2. Adaptation to European RJ12 connector meters
    The Pow-U was designed to handle the HAN-NVE standard, where the physical interface is an RJ45 socket with eight pins. M-bus meters used in other European countries use an RJ12 socket with 6 pins.

The adaptation to facilitate connection to meters with RJ12 socket was done by duplicating the HAN+ and HAN- lines on the RJ45 socket of the Pow-U, in such a way that an RJ12 cable inserted into the RJ45 socket connects to the right signals on a meter with RJ12 interface:

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